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Project Background

Environmental sanitation is an important part of urban construction and civilization construction. Sanitation workers are distributed on every street in the city, and then cluster intercom becomes an indispensable communication device. Considering many reasons such as the limited distance of traditional walkie-talkies, many blind spots, and high procurement costs, even though PTTsystems POC intercom was chosen.

Client needs

Equip 200 sanitation workers with walkie-talkies to achieve reasonable deployment of sanitation personnel in the entire district.


Set up multiple small groups on the street, and dispatch work directly from the dispatch account to achieve a reasonable allocation of manpower. Normally call within the group. In case of problems, the dispatch account can be contacted. Call, group call, build temporary group, recording, monitoring, patrol, video forensics, multi-layer nested group functions.

Platform value

Reasonable deployment of staff, with less effort, improved work efficiency and saved unit expenses.