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Project Background

Railway public security is the backbone force for public security prevention and control. The command and dispatch system of railway public security is an important part of the construction of intelligent security. Traditional intercom system has many blind areas for trans-regional emergency treatment and has a long construction cycle.

Client needs

“Combination of sites”, “combination of fronts”, “one response”, group prevention and control, replacement of traditional intercom equipment, and wide area intercom.


The dispatch platform under the “PTTsystems” cluster system provides an API interface combined with the railway early warning and positioning system, which realizes the combination of centralized dispatch in the command center and remote intercom command.

Platform value

On the basis of the original communication command system, the “PTTsystems” cluster scheduling system is integrated to form a “station-station combination” and “station-line combination” wide-area communication scheduling network to achieve the purpose of group prevention and group control.