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Project Background

The transmission distance of traditional analog radios is short, the confidentiality is low, the cost of using digital radio base stations is high, the price of terminal equipment is high, the base station construction period is long, and there are many blind spots. Dispatch command requirements.

Client needs

In the emergency command and dispatch and the execution of security tasks, the real-time interconnection between security personnel is very important, and the smooth communication of intercom is often the key to the smooth completion of command and dispatch and security tasks. The customer adopted MRPTT PTTsystems cluster intercom construction is convenient, intercom distance is far, dispatching function is strong, solve the problems caused by emergency dispatching, and provide strong security and communication guarantee for the public.


PTTsystems cluster system is built on the operator’s network using VoIP technology, so that the intercom distance can be interconnected and the law enforcement is dispatched. In the accident scene, it is necessary to deploy personnel to the nearest law enforcement. Using a dispatch system, you can intuitively see the police resources from the accident scene, which meets the needs of law enforcement. There are also single call, group call, temporary group building, recording, monitoring, Patrol, video forensics, multi-layer nested group functions.

Platform value

Timely resolved many accidents at the scene, and made full use of existing police resources to reduce expenditures for police stations. The PTTsystems cluster system has an unrestricted intercom distance and a multi-functional scheduling system, which allows us to deal with accidents, improve timeliness, and accuracy, and also get praise from the public.