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Project Background

The traffic police are mainly responsible for carrying out the work of directing traffic on the road, maintaining traffic order, correcting and punishing traffic violations, handling traffic accidents, and maintaining public order.

Client needs

The urbanization process is accelerating, people pay more attention to traffic services, and the traffic police play a greater role in urban management. Coordinated management among various districts is particularly important. The districts report the situation of the road sections in the area to the center, and the center summarizes the overall information. Dispatch all areas. How to improve management efficiency and deal with emergencies in time. These put forward higher requirements for traffic police brigades and platform manufacturers.


PTTsystems provides traffic police with timely calls and communicates with the center at any time. The center can command traffic police in each area individually, greatly improving the ability to resolve emergencies and easing traffic pressure.

Platform value

The traffic police in each area are communicated in real time, and the center can also give instructions to each area at any time, realizing unified scheduling, more orderly traffic, and more convenient travel for citizens. At the same time, it also improves the efficiency of traffic police, and people’s satisfaction rises linearly.