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Project Background

In June 2018, a Russian city proposed to vigorously build a fire station and equip it with explosion-proof intercom communication equipment.

Client needs

The fire station, fire truck, and communication command center are equipped with explosion-proof communication equipment that meets the IP68 level. Each fire station finds a fire alarm with one key, and the three-level nested communication system of “command and dispatch center-fire station-fire truck” builds a “trinity” Communication command and dispatch system.


“PTTsystems” cluster system equipment, the sea, N70 IP68 protection standards meet the national explosion-proof certification center” PTTsystems”unique” nested group “function for the customer provides a” command center, fire station, fire truck “triple nested communication system, the platform has a key to SOS report timely find the fire alarm functions to meet customer demand, the current procurement 500 explosion-proof devices equipped with fire.

Platform value

Smart alarm, emergency prevention and control, and command center are all in one response, the multi-level command structure is flexibly built, the national explosion-proof certification is safe and reliable, and a “trinity” command and dispatch system is effectively built for customers