Multi-industry coverage of the pursuit of excellence and innovation

Project Background

As crimes in various industries diversify and crime cases across provinces and cities continue to increase, the judiciary needs more effective scheduling methods to achieve timely reporting, real-time intercom, and cross-domain linkage, so that the Executive Board and other departments can take measures. The limitations of traditional trunking frequency band resources and the distance to intercom are limited.

Client needs

The use of operator networks to achieve full coverage without local restrictions, to achieve the possibility of unified regional coordination and unified scheduling.


The PTTsystems cluster system implemented by MRPTT company using various wireless access technologies reflects the difference in frequency band resources from traditional clusters, and can realize flexible intercom within a larger range covered by mobile communication networks. It is a traditional trunking communication product. The extension and supplement of the function. Effectively improve the limitations of traditional cluster intercom, so as to achieve the “city-city linkage” joint attack, effectively improve the efficiency of handling cases, collect evidence, and effectively combat illegal crimes.

Platform value

PTTsystems realizes all-in-one response, cross-domain linkage, simple networking, multi-function dispatching station, video backhaul, real-time monitoring, and effectively improves the efficiency of handling cases.